eMail Marketing Workshop, South Africa
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eMail Marketing Workshop, South Africa
eMail Marketing Course, South Africa
eMail Marketing Workshop, South Africa
eMail Marketing Workshop, South Africa
Digital Marketing, South Africa
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"Thank you for an awesome presentation filled with many tips, practical information and guidelines on the subject." Debbie Shaw, Marketing Manager, Labotec

"One of the most fun, relevant and insightful workshops I have ever attended. You do amazing work and your passion and knowledge of best-practice NeuroMarketing is in a league of its own. Immensely thought provoking, creative and practical. I found the integration of strategy, words, images, case studies, energy and practice of immense value. Fabulous morning!" Andrew Bramley, CEO,

"Really good to spend time with you today – your neuormarketing service is a real eye opener. Looking forward to progressing this with you." Andrew Stekhoven, MD, Escrow Europe (Pty) Ltd

"Thanks for a great session on neuromarketing for email marketing.  We both came away inspired and raring to get going on our next email marketing campaign. I am sure that the rest of the delegates left feeling the same. I thought the interaction and discussion you encouraged was a great way to get the creative juices flowing and made us all stop for a moment to consider our brands through an outsiders' eyes." Liz Black Editor, Your Business Magazine

"Thank you so much for the NeuroMarketing workshop today, it was truly inspirational." Ansie de Villiers, Netauto, Mcmotor

"Thanks again for the informative course on NeuroMarketing today, we're now clearer on our plan and how to execute." David De Oliveira, dot.modus

"I thoroughly enjoyed the neuromarketing workshop and am quite excited about taking Share Direct on this new journey. We would
like to benefit further from your expertise. How do I go about getting
a quotation from Kaleidoscope? ...I want to start planning
for the future." Santie Moll, National Manager, Share Direct

       NeuroMarketing, the new science of Persuasion...       Getting to the buy button in the brain
      New Trends and Best Practice Tips,
      Techniques and Technologies that will make
      your viewers OPEN, READ and RESPOND
  "You rock!  You’ve re-ignited and reminded me why I’m so
passionate about marketing. You are so good at what you do!
Thank you. I loved the fact that you used case studies as part
of the learning. The toolkit was highly valuable."
Wendy Dias, Marketing, Synchron Markings

"Practical, thought provoking and magical. Absolutely fantastic and practical. Good with examples. Enjoyed the info shared on the companies that attended. Excellent." Knowres, National NeuroMarketing Seminar

"I have one word. Awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed your NeuroMarketing workshop and the massive learning. Thank you for inspiring me. I now realise that I have been breaking all the "golden rules" so I am rearing to go with a head full of new ideas. I have also realized that it's not just the look and feel and content of the actual e-mailing piece but equally, the visual and content elements of my website and the structure and composition of my database. I am kicking myself because I should know a lot better. But as they say "When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive". I most certainly am ready!" Rod Jones, Call Centre Training

"Colleen! Thank you very much for your NeuroMarketing session - hoping to see some of your magic touch in our emails. We still have our challenges, but you have really inspired us." Helene Brand,
Manager, Marketing and Partners, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet

"I was very impressed by your NeuroMarketing for email design examples and statistics and wished I could have a template like yours to start off with... I found the workshop to be brilliant and worth every cent I paid for it. Thank so so much again." Chavonne Snyman, Insight Design

"Thanks again for the course yesterday. I personally found it to be very useful, given my lack of experience in marketing." Edwin Asare-Marfo, DQS South Africa
eMail Marketing Workshop, South Africa
Digital Marketing, South Africa
eMail Marketing Workshop, South Africa
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