NeuroScience, Cape Town, South Africa
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kaleidoscope advertising and digital marketing
NeuroScience, Cape Town, South Africa
NeuroScience, Cape Town, South Africa
NeuroScience, Cape Town, South Africa
email marketing
  Our email marketing designs are based on eye-tracking studies
– ongoing research as to how the eye views an onscreen message.
We now know that emails are not read like printed pages, but in
a pattern specific to the medium of the screen.

Knowledge of this science dramatically changes the way we
design our emarketing, which in turn leads to dramatic results
in viewer open, read and response rates.

If you'd like to see design examples of eye-tracking designs
related specifically to your industry, please make contact here
  Heatmap eye-tracking allows us to track where the viewer's eyes
are going. We can therefore design our emails in such a way so
as to create the highest possible conversion rates – a specific
email message that gets a "yes" click to your sales offer.

The red areas indicate a high density of viewer focus.

heat-map research

Mail Share

email marketing, Cape Town, South Africa
digital marketing
NeuroScience, Cape Town, South Africa
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