NeuroMarketing – BMW ad launches new SUV in China.

 “this new ad by BMW could do if for you.”

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Luxury car marketing has been done and done again and often brands just repeat the same old story. Not this one.

The NeuroMarketing elements in this BMW launch for their new SUV in China has you emotionally connecting all the way through – especially if you’re an overworked parent. Not surprisingly it went viral in its first week.

Criticised for being too long, but it works for me. Less of an advertisement, more of a brand feel and awareness. Its well
written and well produced with strong neuro elements that make it so powerful; leaning strongly on the emotional feelings of the target demographic. Tied to the launch of BMW’s new X3 SUV, it also does a good job of selling the car—brilliantly weaving in shots of the car’s features through the story line right through to the punch line. More importantly, it succeeds in lionizing its target demographic by emphasising family values. Real feel-good brand positioning; NeuroMarketing at its best.
Colleen Backstrom

Director of Kaleidoscope NeuroMarketing for Email Marketing & Website Design

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