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Show me design examples of NeuroDesign please


NeuroMarketing gives us access to the technologies and techniques that drive online behaviour – how and why we make the decisions we do online, to find new clients.  And because these methods – concept, copy and design – are scientific, we can now with confidence promise our clients ROI certainty.  No more hit-and-miss guesswork.


We combine the principles of NeuroMarketing (how the brain makes decisions) with the science of eye-tracking (how the eye views an onscreen message); which allows us to track where the viewer’s eyes are going.  We can, therefore, design our emails and webs in a way that triggers the neuro responses that find new clients and lead to conversions – a “yes” click to your sales offer.

The red areas indicate a high density of viewer focus.


“He who controls the database controls the market”.  A best-practice neuro campaign is worthless without the right database.  Finding and managing lists is one of the top three issues facing email marketers today*.  Our service includes a database service for list growing and maintenance.

See if we have a database for you here?

*Note Top 3 Issues: (i) Databases 48% (ii) proving ROI 26% and (iii) emails not getting through 26%.

NeuroMarketing & Decision Making

Understanding how the brain works and relating this to commercial decision making – at long last offers marketers a way out of the dilemma… read more

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