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NeuroMarketing Course

Colleen Backstrom

Director of NeuroMarketing

Global Speaker – WPO Virtual Conference

Getting Back to Cashflow
When Nobody’s Buying

NeuroMarketing & the “Buying” Brain.

Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) is a global organisation for CEOs with chapters in USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, UK, Sweden, Turkey, Malaysia, South Africa Australia and New Zealand.  Colleen’s workshop was sponsored and introduced by IBM.

Kaleidoscope International (Pty) Ltd is a full-service NeuroMarketing agency and one of the leading email marketing companies in South Africa. Kaleidoscope specialises in finding new clients and driving sales for corporates using a very specific form of marketing – NeuroMarketing – taking a fresh new look at the drivers of email and web success: what makes them say yes?

 Colleen is specifically focused on the business and strategic thinking prior to the creative concept and essential in the production of communications “that work.”

Colleen is a digital marketing expert and has recently been appointed to the SANEC (The Southern African Netherlands Chamber of Commerce) Smart Tech Desk Expert Team in the Hague, Netherlands.

Colleen’s niche and study area is in the substantial and growing body of research in the field of NeuroMarketing, and the practical application of this knowledge to the design and production of email and web campaigns.

She has also launched; an online learning portal on Applied NeuroMarketing; she has students interested in NeuroMarketing in the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Peru, Turkey, Dubai, Qatar, Lebanon, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Colleen is past chairman of the Institute of Marketing Management, the first woman in South Africa to hold that position. She has received the President’s Award from the Institute of Marketing for “Outstanding Contribution to Marketing in South Africa.”

Her keynote speaking includes the annual SA Direct Marketing Association’s conference and the Direct Mail Symposium, London, UK; “The Customer doesn’t believe in advertising anymore.”

Colleen has also been published in Direct Marketing International UK, magazine, and is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, USA. She was speaker on eMail Marketing at the CTICC Retail Indaba, and a speaker at the first two NeuroMarketing conferences held in South Africa, and  guest lecturer at the USB MBA programme on her topic: NeuroMarketing – The New Art of Persuasion; an Executive Overview.

Research Studies

2017The 3 Big Issues Facing the South African eMail Marketer and NeuroMarketing for Digital. Global Trends and Best Practice.

2018The Power of the Product Persona: how do faces and eyes drive engagement in a web or email message?

2019The Neuro Triggers that Drive Conversions; what makes them say yes?

2020 – NeuroMarketing and the “Buying Brain”. Doing the Impossible: Selling in a Market When Nobody’s Buying.

2021 – NeuroPricing: Can the way you “style” your pricing affect sales?

neuromarketing course
Introductory Video

neuromarketing courseNeuroMarketing is the study of choice and how our emotions drive those choices. So how does it differ from normal digital marketing and what are the true profits we can expect?

Masterclass 1
C-suite Overview

email marketing
Is this for you?
It’s your job to identify strategic trends to drive new sales and profits. This fast-track executive overview is your short-cut to digital NeuroMarketing; your window into this game-changing new science. Masterclass MBA content with strong lessons from Harvard.neuromarketing course
Online [individual]
60 mins > R5879
In-house [groups up to 12]
90 mins > R70 579

Masterclass 2
7-step Success Formula

neuromarketing course
Is this for you?
You’re in charge of digital; you want a proven step-by-step formula to drive new sales and ROI certainty. You need to cut through the hype straight to a practical mastery of this powerful new tool – you want tips, techniques and templates to drive your best sales year ever.neuromarketing course
Online [individual]
60 mins > R3382
In-house [groups up to 12]
90 mins > R58 015

Masterclass 3
Advanced Workshop

neuromarketing courseIs this for you?
Applied NeuroMarketing is your career choice. You want an in-depth proficiency, a practical understanding of global research; a fresh new look into the neuro triggers that drive online conversions; how to monetise the theory behind the science to get to the “buy” button in the brain.
neuromarketing course
Online [individual]
6 hrs > R18 197
In-house [groups up to 12]

6 hrs > R181 979

“One small POSITIVE THOUGHT in the morning, can change the entire outcome of your day.”