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Digital Advertising and NeuroMarketing gives us access to the technologies and techniques that drive online behaviour – how and why we make the decisions we do online, to find new clients.  And because these methods – concept, copy and design – are scientific, we can now with confidence promise our clients design ROI certainty.  No more hit-and-miss guesswork.


We combine the principles of NeuroMarketing to digital advertising (how the brain makes decisions) with the science of eye-tracking (how the eye views an onscreen message); which allows us to track where the viewer’s eyes are going.  We can, therefore, design our emails and webs in a way that triggers the neuro responses that find new clients and lead to conversions – a “yes” click to your sales offer.

The red areas indicate a high density of viewer focus.


“He who controls the database controls the market”.  A best-practice digital advertising campaign is worthless without the right database.  Finding and managing lists is one of the top three issues facing email marketers today*.  Our service includes a database service for list growing and maintenance.

See if we have a database for you here?

*Note Top 3 Issues: (i) Databases 48% (ii) proving ROI 26% and (iii) emails not getting through 26%.

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Outsource your web and email marketing to us; we apply NeuroMarketing to your sales message to engage your client’s “buying” brain. And in an uncertain and emotional world - the perfect time and space in which to apply neuroscience - you now have the opportunity to make this year, your best year ever. 

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“One small POSITIVE THOUGHT in the morning, can change the entire outcome of your day.”

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NeuroMarketing, what BDMs must know

Media update’s David Jenkin spoke to Kaleidoscope’s NeuroMarketing Director, Colleen Backstrom, about what they do.

How is Kaleidoscope using NeuroMarketing?
NeuroMarketing reduces the guesswork when it comes to digital campaigns, and Kaleidoscope is one South African company putting it to use. This new field of marketing applies neuroscience in the quest to improve the effectiveness of digital marketing in breaking through the clutter.

What is NeuroMarketing?
It’s a field of study that creates a structure with which we can design better campaigns. It is the study of choice, the subject of ongoing research at Harvard and the world’s leading business schools, and helps marketers understand how the brain behaves in decision-making. What’s most important for me is that because it’s a measurable science, we are now in a position to guarantee results for our clients. In fact, we don’t take on a client unless we can get them to ROI.

How long have you been practicing and what is your core mandate?
NeuroMarketing has been part of our core offering since 2003. We offer stand-alone e-campaigns and in-house workshops. We are typically approached by corporates when they find that their e-marketing campaigns are not working anymore. With continuing pressure from the boardroom to prove ROI, they are looking for a guaranteed way to improve sales.

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