NeuroMarketing = Dramatic results


NeuroMarketing = Dramatic results


NeuroMarketing requires us to think deeply about WHAT MATTERS to our clients

…because without imagining a better future our clients will not buy our products.

Decision Processes International NeuroDesign for email marketing

Their NeuroMarketing service allows us to go directly into the digital inboxes of our C-suite target audience thereby generating new leads and opportunities for conversation. Of central importance to us is the fact that the Kaleidoscope ecard results are fully actionable and measurable. We looked at a few digital companies before we embarked on this new form of marketing communication; Kaleidoscope’s design strength and understanding of business strategy made them our first choice.” 


Greg Carolin, Managing Partner, Decision Processes International – Africa

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

$500,000 enquiry  “After our second ecard in a campaign of 6, we received a production enquiry from Germany: $500,000” 


Lisa Buschek, Filmworks, South Africa

 mpact NeuroDesign for email marketing

… sales doubled and trebled  “In September and in October. We more than doubled sales of SFS and trebled sales of SF06, directly linked to our NeuroMarketing email campaign. An excellent job done.”

 Suzanne Strydom, Mpact Client Services Manager (National)

… double digit growth  “We achieved double digit growth… result of improved marketing and operational improvements. The primary marketing we did was Kaleidoscope’s NeuroMarketing ecards.”


 Chris Botha, National Sales & Marketing, Mpact

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

… within 2 days; enough work for 3 months  “It’s all about getting your brand out there and finding new clients. Kaleidoscope offers a unique way to do this. Their NeuroMarketing ecards work… within the first 2 days of our first mailing we had enough work for 3 months.”


Award winning journalist and former Carte Blanche producer Michael Duffett of Face2Face Films

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

… constant flow of revenue  The repeat business that we generate from the contact that we made with dealer principles and fitment centres through NeuroMarketing ecards, will ensure a constant flow of revenue in the future.”


Maurice Van Heerden, Planet Electronics

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

… world class  “Your NeuroMarketing ecards enabled us to effect a world class customer satisfaction survey without annoying our clients.”


Andrew Stekhoven, CEO Escrow Europe

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

… we invited 146 busy VIPS (difficult, negative) to our launch – 137 arrived on the day 

… of the 2500 people on our database, 2200 converted to our new service

6 – piece teaser NeuroMarketing  ecard campaign.  Full case study here


Brendan Benfield. Senior executive, Duepoint Financial & Lifestyle Services

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

… my sales people are blown away  “I thought I would give you some feed back on the success of the new ecard I sent out last Thursday (normally send on Tuesdays as I think it is the most productive day). The stats are based on number of individuals that went onto our website.”


Nick Chapman, 011 452 1101

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

… R6.2m in sales from one ecard  “With one ecard we sold 21 of the 26 S130 Bobcat front-end loaders we had in stock at R299 000 each.”


Debby Marx, Group Marketing Communications Manager

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

… dramatically changed the way I do my email marketing  “The best investment in time and money that I could possibly recommend; has dramatically changed the way that I do my email marketing.  Since adopting Colleen’s “best practice” NeuroMarketing guidelines, my email response rates have been phenomenal.”


Rod Jones, Telesales Marketing  011 465 7099

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

… results are dramatically measurable  “Using Kaleidoscope’s NeuroMarketing ecard system has really been a game changer. Their unique designs are based on design principles underpinned by neuro science; the design has been optimised to get the client’s attention and optimise the tiny time frame we have to deliver the message to a busy and hassled consumer. 

Penny Park Ross, Neurobalance.

NeuroMarketing results, Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency

… ROI of R600,000 pa  “NeuroMarketing ecards have proven to be an effective medium in increasing our new rental client base. The first ecard campaign brought in 100 new rental clients with a potential ROI of R600 000 per annum.”


Gille Farelo, JFA Rentals & Real Estate Company

Show me design examples of NeuroDesign please
Request to see case studies and design examples in your industry – we won’t take you on unless we can guarantee your results.


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