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Your marketing resources and tools

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NeuroMarketing 101

For the first time in the history of advertising, marketers now have access to research studies that, finally, take the guesswork out of creative… read more>

NeuroMarketing Eyes, Brain, Business

The field of neuroeconomics has gained ground in the past 10 years, with work exploring the brain processes that underlie decision-making… read more>

What BDMs must know about NeuroMarketing

NeuroMarketing reduces the guesswork when it comes to digital campaigns… read more>

NeuroMarketing & Decision Making

understanding how the brain works and relating this to commercial decision making – at long last offers marketers a way out of the dilemma… read more>

email marketing
The big shift: Emotional Triggers

NeuroMarketing taps into our brain’s emotional centre which drives decision making. It’s the study of emotions and how the brain behaves…read more>

Email marketing, top 5 alerts!

With strong management pressure to prove sales, it has never been easier for email marketers…read more>

What are our screens doing to us?

Till now, the argument for those against digital in the boardroom has been simple; with an open screen, who isn’t tempted to check an email…read more>

5 points to consider before you re-design your website

People want to get on, get the info, and get off quickly. So lose the flash and those gorgeous…read more>

Top 3 issues for email marketing executives

“He who controls the database controls the market” is a fundamental principle of emarketing success… read more>

3 Reasons why people won’t buy your products

They don’t believe they have the problem that your product or service offers to solve…. read more>

Do-not-reply emails are just plain RUDE

This morning in my inbox there are no less than 7 emails from marketing campaigns actively telling me, as a prospective customer… read more>

Leadership: What are you doing for yourself?

At my Vistage business meeting last week Ian Kennedy – Leading for Effective Performance – put the follow questions up on the… read more>

Add a little joy to your
Marketing mix

After all, we all like to laugh. And we like to make our friends laugh. And so we send on the funny ads to friends… and the brand goes viral… read more>

The Perfect eMail design checklist

I’m often asked to help with a “perfect” email template. Although every job and design is different here is a simple checklist that we use… read more>

Sacred Bow: An Intentional Way to Close Out the Old Year & Start the New Year

Leo recommends a process of taking stock, thinking about where we’ve been, and to use that experience to grow… read more>

Subtracting to solve problems – NOT to do list

You know that feeling; you’ve been very busy all day – doing nothing – the frustration of knowing you’ve worked hard, but nothing was achieved… read more>

Top 3 lessons from the world’s most successful email campaign

I am often asked, what was the most successful ecampaign “of all time”? And I must admit my mind still goes back to Obama’s campaign of 2013…read more>

Email MarketingEmail marketing? Don’t waste your money

This is another one for the email marketer who wants to try-it-once
-and-see-if-it works. Don’t waste your money…read more>

We’re all logical thinkers, right?  Why then do we do stupid things?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Well, that was idiotic, what was I thinking?” An awareness of our brain’s emotional default provides insight…read more>

Corporate Identity DesignWhat Makes a Good Corporate ID

A good corporate ID is like a good suit. It instantly tells people who you are. It says something about your style, what you do, and how you do it…read more>

How to disagree productively and find common ground

In this TED’s talk Julia Dhar suggests it’s time we reshape the way we talk to each other so we can start disagreeing productively…>read more>

The Four Languages of FailureThe Four Languages of Failure

An author on business writing (Tom Sant) describes four languages of failure which often get between us and our audience…read more>

Sunsilk neuro adSunsilk neuro ad becomes a viral sensation

Sunsilk joins the long list of brands specialising in the art of neuro persuasion that, when done with emotional respect and insight, can drive home a strong message it…view video>

Email Marketing Forms
Think about email capture forms like a customer

Whenever,we are asked to design a web form for a client – for them to capture “subscribe” data – we are often presented with a long list of info…read more>

Neuromarketing: The new science of consumer decisions | Terry Wu | TEDxBlaine

Over the last 20 years, growing research from Neuroscience, Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics has been providing new insights on how the brain makes buying decisions… view video

De-escalating worry

In order to maintain its power, common anxiety (sometimes called worrying) needs your help. Constant reminders, moments of conflict and concrete…read more>

neuromarketing studies
NeuroMarketing. Harvard says it all. . .

The principles of NeuroMarketing have been with us for two decades. It is surprising that I still encounter CEOs and BDMs as yet unaware of this knowledge…read more>

Referral selling: The Untapped Sales Channel

Word-of-Mouth Referrals [WOM] are one most powerful forms of marketing your business or service…read more>

Fresh Start Effect

Special occasions or temporal landmarks, such as a new year, or a birthday cause people to reflect on their lives in a big-picture way, which in turn inspires them to set goals for better behavior. This phenomenon is referred to as the fresh-start effect… read more>

11 signs you’re going to be successful

If you’re pursuing your passions, if you’re learning, and if you’re forging meaningful relationships, you’re probably on track to do great things – even if you aren’t extraordinarily famous or wealthy...
 read more>

What gender is a computer?
A humorous analysis…

 view video>

The big picture tells a thousand words – right? But what do we do about mobile?

There’s a tech versus design debate going on in our studio. We’re email and web specialists in Applied NeuroMarketing. As such, we understand the power of pictures to tell the brand story….read more>

Milkshake Marketing: And the “The jobs to-be-done point of view

This week a client asked me to create a Neuromarketing ecampaign with the objective of getting more people at a shopping mall to use the paid (undercover) parking instead of the free parking on ground level. .
read more>

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