Woolworths NeuroDesign for email marketing

“In addition to a proven track record, Kaleidoscope’s work is fresh and their NeuroMarketing provides a new perspective on best-practice email marketing.” Paul Schnider, Head of Direct Marketing, Woolworths Financial Service

Checkers NeuroDesign for email marketing

“Kaleidoscope’s NeuroMarketing for email has always proved the most successful for the marketing of our business to the leisure industry.” Brett Lowe, Head of eMarketing, Shoprite Checkers

mpact NeuroDesign for email marketing

“What a breath of fresh air.” Loutjie de Jong, CEO, Mpact Plastics

Face 2 Face Films NeuroDesign for email marketing

“It’s all about getting your brand out there and finding new clients. Kaleidoscope offers a unique way to do this. Their NeuroMarketing emails work… within the first 2 days of our first mailing we had enough work for 3 months.” Michael Duffett, award winning journalist & Carte Blanche producer, Face 2 Face Films

Zevenwacht Mall NeuroDesign for email marketing

“Exceptional! Your NeuroMarketing ecards are the keys that have unlocked so many exciting opportunities for us.” Lisa Hyman, Leasing-Retail, Zevenwacht

Decision Processes International NeuroDesign for email marketing

“Kaleidoscope NeuroMarketing ecards provides us with a high impact and cost-effective digital communication tool to create direct awareness for our services. Their NeuroMarketing service allows us to go directly into the digital inboxes of our C-suite target audience thereby generating new leads and opportunities for conversation. Of central importance to us is the fact that the Kaleidoscope ecard results are fully actionable and measurable. We looked at a few digital companies before we embarked on this new form of marketing communication; Kaleidoscope’s design strength and understanding of business strategy made them our first choice. Creative concepts, designs and copy lead to specific campaigns that are always visually impactful, current and relevant to the level of our target market. We are recommending the Kaleidoscope service to our clients as we see the value of their offer to help our clients drive new and profitable revenue streams.” Greg Carolin, Managing Partner, Decision Processes International

Simply Asia NeuroDesign for email marketing

“… what other advertising medium gives you a fully measurable return on investment?” Tracy Jones, Marketing Manager, Simply Asia Restaurants

Zenprop NeuroDesign for email marketing

“Kaleidoscope’s NeuroMarketing ecards give me an easy, direct link with my client base. You open the ecard and there is a friendly face, there is colour, there is stickiness. At one glance you are given the essence of the product with all supporting selling information at a glance.  We were looking to up-our-game with digital marketing, and Kaleidoscope’s ecards have allowed us to do just that.” Hildegarde Riphagen, Divisional Director,
Zenprop Retail

JFA Group NeuroDesign for email marketing

“… Response NeuroMarketing ecards have proven to be an effective medium in increasing our new rental client base. The first campaign brought in 100 new rental clients with a potential ROI of R600 000.” Gille Farelo, JFA Rentals & Real Estate Company

Planet Electronics NeuroDesign for email marketing

“… the repeat business that we generate from the contact that we made with dealer principles and fitment centres through email marketing will ensure a constant flow of revenue in the future.” Maurice Van Heerden, Planet Electronics

Golf Hall of Fame NeuroDesign for email marketing

“Kaleidoscope’s NeuroMarketing ecards enable me to directly connect with my database. I have only 5 seconds, but the ecard generates interest, my message is read, and I get a response!” Barry Cohen, Mercedes-Benz Golf Hall of Fame

Abraham Kriel Childcare NeuroDesign for email marketing

“So lekker om met professionele mense te werk!” Annamart Viljoen, Abraham Kriel Childcare/Kindersorg

Zenprop NeuroDesign for email marketing

“We have had fantastic feedback on the Ecard! Everyone from our CEO, MD and directors but most importantly from the potential buyer … he just loved the NeuroMarketing styling!! Thank you for great work and always being on our side!” Hildegarde Riphagen, Divisional Director, Zenprop Retail

“Colleen is just the best in writing modern, intelligent and spot-on text for our NeuroMarketing email campaigns. Furthermore are her designs always very striking, fresh and totally unique. Kaleidoscope is definitely a leading company in its field. It is always a pleasure to work with the team; they really listen and want to deliver the best.” Anneke van der Vyver, Centre for Conveyancing Practice

“If you want to get really efficient targeted marketing in place, this is the company. Their work is incredible and the results are real and meaningful. Their use of NeuroMarketing studies means that they are using science to make decisions about how to connect your product with the clients who need it.” Penny Louw, University of Cape Town

“A gem of a company . Their NeuroMarketing services can just help your company to improve your own services and ROI.” Nico Uys, GoBioFarming

Centre for Legal Compliance NeuroDesign for email marketing

“Absolutely brilliant!” Gawie Le Roux CEO, Centre for Legal Compliance

Rod Jones NeuroDesign for email marketing

“This NeuroMarketing  Workshop presented by Colleen Backstrom is probably the best investment in time and money that I could possibly recommend. The information and the knowledge that I gained at the last Johannesburg workshop dramatically changed the way that I do my email marketing.  Since adopting Colleen’s “best practice” guidelines, my email response rates have been phenomenal. My advice… Be there!” Rod Jones
(NeuroMarketing Workshop)

TRACC NeuroDesign for email marketing

“We loved the session yesterday! Invaluable insights and wonderful examples. I’m even more delighted to hear that you offer a mentoring service. I would like to enroll your services to help us design our first nurturing pilot campaign.” Lorinda Ellis, Marketing Manager
(NeuroMarketing Workshop)

Natalia Baker NeuroDesign for email marketing

“I found this workshop outstanding, clear and full of impact. It has given me direction, enthusiasm and purpose. By reflection the best value has been: 1) Visual impact, 2) Simplicity, 3) Subject line templates, 4) Pain points. Really brilliant and so helpful… it is truly like learning a whole new skill! We feel we have direction and guidelines and are having real FUN with the process. It does make me have to think outside the usual tramlines.” Natalia Baker

(NeuroMarketing Workshop)

NeuroMarketing & Decision Making

Understanding how the brain works and relating this to commercial decision making – at long last offers marketers a way out of the dilemma… read more

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