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Delegate Feedback

“In my 15 years with the WPO, this has been one of the best presentations I’ve heard by someone who’s simply brilliant in both knowledge and delivery. I’m thinking communications overhaul for at least two organizations I’m involved with. There will be a significant impact…”

Anne Messenger, Chapter Chair, Woman Presidents Organization New York, USA

“Colleen, you were amazing. It was a blessing to have you at our event. You delivered so much value… I am sure we would not get an 8.8 without your keynote and presence. Thanks a lot.”

Arno Diepeveen, Royal Dutch Sales, Grote Bazen Sales Festival, Netherlands

More Delegate feedback, Grote Bazen Sales Festival, Netherlands

“Was inspired by your presentation and energy!…”

“You have so much knowledge and content…”

“One of the best sales presentations I have ever seen…”

“Love your energy and your presentation was really spot on.Never saw so many people writing and taking photos during your presentation. They were feeding their minds…”

“Informative and relevant, and above all great fun!”

“We are looking to do a Leadership event in Q1 2023. Would you be willing to come over again?

“Again, thank you so much for your amazing and enlightening Masterclass. My head is spinning with ideas! Re: NeuroMarketing, The Science Behind the Buying Brain.”

Chard Graumann, Creative Director, Hollywood Agency, Massachusetts USA

“I engaged with Colleen and her team after attending their Masterclass on the NeuromMarketing principles. The concepts she spoke about really resonated with our brand, and post lockdown we didn’t want to fall victim to the ideology of “the man who stops marketing to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time…”

Andre Holland, Managing Director, Shutterway

Woolworths email marketing

“In addition to a proven track record, Kaleidoscope’s work is fresh and their NeuroMarketing provides a new perspective on best-practice email marketing.” 

Paul Schnider, Head of Direct Marketing, Woolworths Financial Service

“Absolutely love your sessions (on neuro)… You are a guru par excellence, and your beautiful presentation style has me glued to my seat.” 

Elizabeth Heidi Louw, Head: Learning Experience Architecture at LRMG (South Africa and Indian Ocean), Cape Town Area, South Africa

“I absolutely loved your presentation on NeuroPricing for WPO yesterday.  So much actionable, valuable information that I will be implementing. Thank you!”  

Libby Finn, Ragstock, Minneapolis, USA

“As the owner of a company that markets luxury villas to the discerning market, I always felt that our marketing lacks lustre. We have over 14,000 Instagram accounts and our rentals are looking good enough. However, most of our bookings historically have come via agents and channels such as Airbnb. Luckily, I had the insight to involve Colleen and her brilliance with only one request: come and teach us how to make our marketing come alive and get more direct booking. The workshop with my top management team has been the beginning of the change and the results were almost immediate. We now do nothing without asking first how this fits in with what we learned from Colleen…

…Of course, now we need a lot more stock photos of smiling faces looking straight into the camera 😉 but it’s a job worth doing.
Our website will change soon too – cannot do anything anymore the way we used to do it.
I am forever blessed and grateful to have started this process with Colleen, and to see the results as the bottom line in our profit column is slowly changing (for the better) – gotta LOVE that!!!!!!”

Esta-Marita Opperman, Founder & Director, SeaSky Villas

“It was interesting, and informative and made me more motivated. The points that really stood out to me were; 1) people respond better to emotions rather than facts, so we need to engage the brain of the buyer and switch it on and then use the facts later, 2) our buyers need to trust us and one way we can achieve this is by becoming familiar i.e. sending out at least 2 mailers per month, 3) people like yellow, Google blue and curved edges, and 4) the one driver of the human brain I can use in my business is number 3 – certainty.”

Tashi Gordon, Sales Executive, All Cash Technologies

email marketing

“I found this NeuroMarketing Masterclass outstanding, clear and full of impact. It has given me direction, enthusiasm and purpose. By reflection the best value has been: 1) Visual impact, 2) Simplicity, 3) Subject line templates, 4) Pain points. Really brilliant and so helpful… it is truly like learning a whole new skill! We feel we have direction and guidelines and are having real FUN with the process. It does make me have to think outside the usual tramlines.” 

Natalia Baker

“… Apart from the fact that the topic is excellent, the presentation is snappy with multitudes of tools to take away. The response from my members has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Anni Wihelmi, Head of WPO (Womens Presidents Association) South Africa

mpact email marketing

“Sales doubled in two months of SFS and trebled sales of SF06 – directly linked to our Neuro eCampaign. An excellent job done.” 

S. Strydom, Mpact Client Services Manager (National)

email marketing

“There are no other courses available that meet the standard, content, and speed of these masterclasses on NeuroMarketing.”

Penny Louw, University of Cape Town

email marketing

“We have had fantastic feedback on our neuro ecard! Everyone from our CEO, MD and directors but most importantly from the potential buyers… just loved the NeuroMarketing styling!!”

Hildegarde Riphagen, Divisional Director, Zenprop Retail

“Thank you so much for this morning’s insights! So inspiring and exciting and so grateful to have access to this knowledge. We really found so much value in your masterclass.

Vanessa Beyers, Founder & Managing Director, The Source PR & Event Management

“Excellent, inspiring, best value in the learning for me was knowledge of the Fat F [how a viewer reads your email], the scientific data on emotions and decision making, and making emotions work to increase sales. And, most importantly, the SO-WHAT filter [I’m doing what I’m doing. So what?]…”

Fezeka Stuurman, Cultivar Group

Decision Processes International email marketing

“NeuroMarketing directly into the digital inboxes of our C-suite target audience generating new leads and opportunities for conversation. Of central importance to us is the fact that the Kaleidoscope ecard results are fully actionable and measurable as well as their design strength and understanding of business strategy made them our first choice.”

Greg Carolin, Managing Partner, Decision Processes International

“The most mind-blowing session, very interesting insights. Where to grab the client and distinguish yourself from the competition. Fantastic. Timely. Will apply these ideas!”

Teri Kruger, Synergetics Sustainable Solutions

“Thank you for the masterclass last week. It was so interesting and I was gripped for the entire session. I found the eye-tracking data really interesting. How people view a communication. It was also great to include examples of when you ‘neuro’ something…”

Caroline Carroll, Marketing Communications Manager EAME, Syngenta

“Awesome NeuroMarketing learning filled with many tips, practical information and guidelines.”

Debbie Shaw, Marketing Manager, Labotec

email marketing

“I have one word. Awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed your NeuroMarketing Course and the massive learning. I realise that I’ve been breaking all the ‘golden rules’ so I am rearing to go with a head full of new ideas.”

Rod Jones, Call Centre Training

email marketing
“We loved the session yesterday! Invaluable insights and wonderful examples. I’m even more delighted to hear that you offer a mentoring service. I would like to enroll your services to help us design our first nurturing pilot campaign.” 

Lorinda Ellis, Marketing Manager

“Thank you for an amazing NeuroMarketing workshop! I have learned so much but what really stuck out for me was the application of the Fat F marketing method, it makes a lot of sense and I will be using this method. Some of the scary facts that you shared with me were also quite interesting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise.”

Gugu Pam Motsumi, Marketing Co-ordinator, CSIR International Convention Centre

“I found the workshop to be extremely informative and helpful. Some of the biggest take-away for me would be; 1) lead with emotions and that people do respond to visual impact instead of words only… I am a visual person personally and retain adds/material longer when images forms part of the add, 2) to try and keep your brand the same for consistence and trust with the client, 3) the Fat F was a great tip, 3) the rounded buttery yellow buttons which is easy on the eye as I recall that all I wanted to do when I first saw your invitation, was to click, click, click, 4) your examples of the different political campaigns was very effective. I look forward to any future related classes.”

Sonja Schwartz, Enviroserv

“Excellent and practical with strong take-aways like the importance of the colours we use, the speed at which a picture gets into the mind, and the importance of using emotions in understanding your target market. Excellent and practical, thank you!”

Sandiswa Gwele, L&S Shuttle Service

“Thank you for the spectacular Masterclass, it was nothing short of amazing.”

Adisha Gani, Executive Assistant, The Source PR & Event Management

Centre for Legal Compliance NeuroDesign for email marketing

“Absolutely brilliant!” 

Gawie Le Roux CEO, Centre for Legal Compliance

“That was one of the most special informative and useful workshops I have ever attended. Thank you so very very much.”

Esta-Marita Opperman, Founder & Director, SeaSky Villa Management

“Amazingly simple, practical and refreshing approach that makes perfect sense… will DEFINITELY be applying. Regarding content the best value for me was the extreme importance of emotion and how this fuels decisions, understanding the importance of colour and images, and the softness and simplicity of NeuroMarketing.”

Lindy Zoutendyk, French Translations Services

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