NeuroMarketing for Email

Full outsource package £609pm

averaged over 12 months


What’s included?

•    A fresh new strategy and 4 x concept designs: copy writing, generic images and persona pictures, back-end html coding.  Each month 1 design plus 2 sets of page edits.

•    Mailing:  2 x mailings each month to a list of 1000 emails i.e. 2000 emails sent each month; includes set-up and legal compliance (Note: for extra emails add £14 per 1000 emails).

•    Reports: 2 x view track reports; who is looking and most importantly, who is looking multiple times; this is very important in order to track sales and ROI.

•    List management: subscribes, unsubscribes; list hygiene, remove all duplicates and bad emails; grow database i.e. add one set of new names 4 days before each mailing.

What’s not included?  Your specific product pictures

Timing:  Allow 6 working days for draft design


No-Risk Deposit first month £1817
> full refund within 3 days for deposit guaranteed if design not suitable

Ask to see specific NeuroMarketing design ideas in your industry,
plus results.  And set yourself up for your best sales year ever.

Colleen Backstrom, Director NeuroMarketing for Email & Web, Kaleidoscope
+27 81 885 4683 •