The Secret Formula of Subject Lines


NeuroMarketing; The Science Behind the “Buying Brain” [Chapter 3]

One of the biggest issues in sending sales emails is getting viewers to open and read them – we might have created a brilliant email, but the sorry fact is that nothing happens unless it’s opened... Here’s the shocker: 80% of our emails remain unread! So, how do you mitigate against this waste and loss of sales? Can you use brain science to write better subject lines; is there a formula?

> Real-Life Tips & Techniques to get viewers to open and read your emails
> A collection of the World’s BEST performing subject lines to inspire and use … and the WORST (are you guilty?)
> The WIIFM subject line filter; a great and simple way to get you to the best headline/subject line
> Spam filters, what to do
> The great emoji debate - yes or no in subject lines?
> And the winner? The World’s Best Subject Line

Practical & fun: Use the formula learned in this masterclass to write your own headline/subject line.

Presenter, Colleen Backstrom, is Director of NeuroMarketing, Kaleidoscope, the leading online marketing company specialising in Applied NeuroMarketing for Email and Web.

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