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Full SEO outsource package


What’s included?

PHASE 1 – What is your current SEO status?

R5400 once off excl VAT

NOTE: this phase is the most crucial and is done once-off. The below process will reveal to us your current Google ranking status. We take these results and give you feedback on how to fix it.

1. We research your current website title, description, keywords, alt tags, image names etc.
2. We research the best keywords to be used for your product/service
3. We find out the best keywords to use according to Google search engines
4. We research where your website is currently ranked according to these keywords
5. We research your competitors and compare where they are ranked according to these keywords
6. We give you a complete feedback report
7. Suggest 2 FREE Google SEO tools – Google Maps pin and Google reviews

PHASE 2- Implement SEO per web page 

 R2400 per page excl VAT

1. Add Google analytics to website
2. Give each web page a unique SEO title
3. Give each web page a unique SEO description
4. Give each web page unique SEO keywords
5. Rename website images used with SEO keywords
6. Give each image an “alt” tag SEO keywords
7. Change “Headings” to use SEO keywords
8. Change subheadings to use SEO keywords
9. Add SEO keywords into body copy
10. Rename URL links to use SEO keywords
11. Link to other websites where relevant (outbound links)

 PHASE 3 – SEO monthly management package

 R2200 excl VAT x 12 months

1. Research current and up to date trends and implement if neceassry
2. Update content titles and descriptions if necessary
3. Monitor Google keywords search rankings and update
4. Google analytics report (Every two weeks)

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