The Science Behind the Buying Brain [Chapter 4]

and why colour matters in marketing

WHY?  If 90% of our product decisions are based on colour, why then are our websites and emails so dull? Is it because we are afraid of colour, that colour in our marketing would make us seem, well, less sophisticated, less credible?

Join us for a fun-filled

We unpack the myths around colour, and we explore fresh new insights into how and when to use colour to dramatically increase the persuasive value of your sales messaging: email, web, social.

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New Scientific Research:

Getting to “yes”. The strategic use of colour to create an emotional “buying brain” response.

1. The 7 colours that drive the strongest emotions and how to use them to max your impact.

2. Blue-for-a-boy, pink-for-a-girl, right? Maybe not. Surprising findings about universal meanings believed to be true.

3. The RED controversy. Good or bad in marketing?

4. Saturated and non-saturated colours; why and where they matter.

5. Get more clicks: best two colours. Case studies.

6. The impact of culture and colour, and why we should care.

7. The “weight” of colour. How to use colour density to boost viewer focus.

8. Pricing backgrounds: which colours create a feeling of value for money, and which (opposite) colours encourage status buying?

9. Sports teams with black uniforms get more penalties. Why?

10. Shiny colours: why are we attracted to shiny things? How can we use this?

11. Luxury products: which colour boosts sales? (The findings will surprise you)

The Science behind the ” Buying” Brain [Chapter 4]

Download 50 mins [individual]
R1759 / $93 / €87 Download here

FREE cheat sheet included

Speaker, Colleen Backstrom, from Cape Town is the guru in NeuroMarketing for email, web and social. Colleen speaks on global platforms and is an industry expert speaker at various business schools including the University of Stellenbosch (MBA program), Cape Town, and the Business School of the Netherlands, Buren. She is a member of the WPO (Women Presidents Organization), USA. More about Colleen here