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NeuroMarketing: Practical & In-depth principles

Understand how to use this game-changing new science to drive
your eMail and Web ROI and profitability with confidence




A scientific and fresh new look into the drivers of emarketing and web success, what makes them say yes?    This powerful and influential research from Harvard and the world’s most prestigous business centres transforms the way marketers internationally are reworking their digital campaigns and, finally, takes the guesswork out of email and web marketing.


To give designers and marketing managers a practical understanding of NeuroMarketing and NeuroDesign™ and how to use its principles to find new clients, drive new sales, and prove bottom line ROI.

Email MarketingNeuroMarketing: Practical & In-depth principles

1. An understanding of the key principles of NeuroMarketing

1.1  Introduction: what is it, and why should we care?
1.2  “Show me the numbers”. What sort of results are other companies getting when they use this process tool?
1.3  No more hit-and-miss. The game-changing breakthrough for marketers
1.4  How customers think (Harvard research)
1.5  New brain science: what drives our decisions – what are the triggers that get you to a yes? Harvard Research
1.6  So what’s new?
1.7  The powerful impact of NeuroMarketing: Lessons learnt from 2 of the world’s most successful campaigns
1.8  The value of Neuro in our everyday marketing: plus real life examples
1.9  The importance of trust and respect, and how to gain it
1.10  Tips and techniques: what are people clicking on?

2. The secret formula of subject lines and headlines

2.1  Tips and techniques
2.2  Templates: World’s best performing subject lines
2.3  Using the WFIM filter – to get to the best headline
2.4  Practical: Write your own headline / subject line

3. The 7 Core drivers of human behaviour and why we should care

4. The thinking process: putting it into practice

4.1  The buying brain; what does it look like?
4.2  Digging deeper into email (and web) marketing: Screen stickiness and the story-telling brain
4.3  The big mind shift:  how neuro differs from traditional marketing
4.4  Before and after case study: using the big mind shift
4.5  Harvard: a simple way to increase screen stickiness by 120%
4.6  Before and after case studies
4.7  Database fundamentals

5. The design process: the perfect email structure

5.1  How a viewer perceives your screen
5.2  The perfect email structure; difference between print and digital
5.3  A simple template: how to arrange your message and pictures
5.4  Before and after case studies – results

6. Design tips and techniques

6.1  How a viewer perceives your screen
6.2  The perfect email structure; difference between print and digital
6.3  A simple template:  how to arrange your message and pictures
6.4  Before and after case studies – more results

7. Application of Learning

7.1  Designers: Practical analysis of your existing digital work.
Please have ready printed examples of your work in progress
7.2  Marketing: how to know at-a-glance whether designs presented to you are best practice, even if you’re not creative.
Please have ready printed examples of existing emailers and web work: 1 of each

8. Proving ROI

8.1  The golden 24 hours: view track selling
8.2  Managers, Viewtracks as your most powerful sales management tool

9. Gaining market share in a downturn

10. Humour and the buying response

11. Conclusion and wrap up

Email MarketingWhat our delegates and clients have to say…

"300% increase; never had such a response before..."

Ankia Neumann, Head of Marketing, Vinimark

"Excellent, inspiring!"

“Best value in the learning for me was
• knowledge of the Fat F [how a viewer reads your email]
• the scientific data on emotions and decision making
• making emotions work to increase sales
And most importantly, the SO-WHAT filter [I am doing what I’m doing. So what?] Excellent, inspiring!”
Fezeka Stuurman, Cultivar Group

"Excellent and practical... with strong take-aways..."
“My strong take-aways: • the importance of the colours we use • the speed at which a picture gets into the mind • the importance of using emotions in understanding your target market Excellent and practical, thank you!” Sandiswa Gwele, L&S Shuttle Service
"Tips and practical information... awesome learning..."

“Awesome NeuroMarketing learning filled with many tips, practical information and guidelines.”
Debbie Shaw, Marketing Manager, Labotec

"I have one word. Awesome! Massive learning..."

“I have one word. Awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed your NeuroMarketing Workshop and the massive learning. I realise that I’ve been breaking all the ‘golden rules’ so I am rearing to go with a head full of new ideas.”
Rod Jones, Call Centre Training

"Ensure a constant flow of revenue in the future..."

“The repeat business that we generate from the contact that we made with dealer principles and fitment centres through NeuroMarketing ecards, will ensure a constant flow of revenue in the future.”
Maurice Van Heerden, Planet Electronics

"We invited 146 busy VIPs to our launch..."

“We invited 146 busy VIPs to our launch, they were difficult and negative – 137 arrived on the day!”
Brendan Benfield, Senior Executive, Duepoint Financial & Lifestyle Services

"Fantastic feedback; directors and potential buyers..."

“We have had fantastic feedback on the ecard! Everyone from our CEO, MD and directors but most importantly from the potential buyers… just loved the NeuroMarketing styling!!”
Hildegarde Riphagen, Divisional Director, Zenprop Retail


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Presenter Colleen Backstrom is Director of NeuroMarketing, Kaleidoscope, the leading online marketing company specialising in Applied NeuroMarketing for Email, Web, Social. About Colleen here