Kaleidoscope Neuro School: IT Masterclass 2024

for Tech, IT, SaaS

What you MUST KNOW to guarantee web & email success. MBA content with strong lessons from Harvard

“Tech companies not yet using NeuroMarketing are living in the 90’s”.
It’s time for the IT department to step out of its comfort zone and take control of how its products and services are marketed.


The digital world has exploded and if you’re marketing tech services and products, you’re facing escalated competition. With so many same-same offerings it’s difficult to differentiate, and buyers are confused. And confused buyers do not buy. Period.

“It’s never been more important to understand the “Buying Brain”. And it’s never been more important to do more with less. NeuroMarketing for IT ticks both boxes.”

NeuroMarketing: The Science Behind the “Buying Brain”

The Science of NeuroMarketing is the study of choice. How do we choose, what drives those choices, why do we say yes?  This powerful and influential research from Harvard gives us clear guidelines on how we should be restructuring our IT messaging, how we should be thinking to flip the odds on sales conversions.

“It’s an IT sales game-changer”

If you’re getting no end of objections in your sales process (or you’re being ignored or blocked), brain science gives you a new perspective on how to pre-sell, pre-dispose and pre-qualify prospects – a new way to position your service so that when you go through the [Zoom] door, your prospects are conversion ready.

“This workshop is highly practical”

We leave behind the fuzzy, gee-whiz concepts of brain science, and give you the theory, yes, but also the practical (and simple) steps in applying the theory which includes real life tips, templates and filters.

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NeuroMarketing: Masterclass Tech, IT, SaaS

Know at a glance whether future designs presented to you by your email and web designers are best practice – even if you’re not creative. Leave this Masterclass with a fundamental understanding on how to use this game-changing new science to drive your company’s digital ROI and tech profits – with confidence, certainty and global-best status.

After all, it’s all about the bottom line.

Email MarketingNOT SURE?  See what our delegates have to say…

“In my 15 years with the WPO, this has been one of the best presentations I’ve heard by someone who’s simply brilliant in both knowledge and delivery. I’m thinking communications overhaul for at least two organizations I’m involved with. There will be a significant impact…” Anne Messenger, Chapter Chair, Woman Presidents Organization New York, USA
"... enabled us to effect a world class customer satisfaction survey"

“Your NeuroMarketing ecards enabled us to effect a world class customer satisfaction survey without annoying our clients.” Andrew Stekhoven, CEO Escrow Europe

"... results are fully actionable and measurable"

“NeuroMarketing directly into the digital inboxes of our C-suite target audience generating new leads and opportunities for conversation. Of central importance to us is the fact that the Kaleidoscope ecard results are fully actionable and measurable. We looked at a few digital companies before we embarked on this new form of marketing communication; Kaleidoscope’s design strength and understanding of business strategy made them our first choice.” Greg Carolin, Managing Partner, Decision Processes International

"... simple, practical and refreshing"

“Amazingly simple, practical and refreshing approach that makes perfect sense… will DEFINITELY be applying
Regarding content the best value for me was the
● extreme importance of emotion and how this fuels decisions
● understanding the importance of colour and images
● the softness and simplicity of NeuroMarketing.”
Lindy Zoutendyk, French Translations Services

"... distinguish yourself from the competition"

“The most mind-blowing session, very interesting insights.  Where to grab the client and distinguish yourself from the competition. Fantastic.  Timely.  Will apply these ideas!  Teri Kruger, Synergetics Sustainable Solutions

Email Marketing

Chapter 1 - A practical overview of the key principles for IT
  • How customers think; what are the neuro triggers that drive sales engagement and conversions
  • We answer the questions; why is my online marketing not working, and how can I know with confidence and world class status what’s best-practice when presented with an online campaign – especially if I am not a creative designer?
  • What is the difference between traditional and NeuroMarketing and what are the true results we can expect from this new form of marketing?
  • The design techniques that lead to conversions;  what drives us: how do we choose, what drives those choices, why do we say yes?
  • A visit to Harvard. We unpack two Harvard research papers and take lessons from two global case studies where neuro literally changed the world
  • How do we know NeuroMarketing is true and not just the next big hype? A brief introduction to NeuroMarekting brain scan measurements – the science behind the buying brain.
Chapter 2 - The first big mindshift
  • Proof that the brain sees in pictures; and the more personal and emotional the pictures the better
  • The speed of pictures towards understanding; how to use pictures and imagery to access the emotional part of the brain; practical examples to make this work for you, even if your service is not picture rich
  • What do you do if your service is abstract, i.e. you cannot use pictures?
  • Lessons from the Paris World Robotics Expo
  • Why does it take so long? The challenges of a long sales cycle and the neuro-fix to shorten the process
  • Before and after case studies, results
Chapter 3 - Practical implementation of the Harvard research
  • Harvard research: Eyes, Brain, Business – Christine Looser; the dramatic effect of eyes and faces to increase screen stickiness
  • The power of the product persona
  • How this works for B2B products and services – practical application
  • Design templates, formulas, and techniques
Chapter 4 - Applied NeuroMarketing
  • The fat F of on-screen design the perfect filter to test and apply
  • Applied NeuroMarketing; practical global best-practice design templates and case studies for your team to use immediately in creating your own digital campaigns
  • Test your current digital marketing. A practical application of the NeuroMarketing filter applied to your existing web and email messaging
  • Use our design filter to ensure best practice for your emails and website
Chapter 5 - Proving ROI (before and after case studies)
  • Proving ROI; it’s all about the bottom line
  • Summary and conclusion; make this work for you

Download Masterclass [individual]
R5797 / $406 / €377 Download here

Live on Zoom 90 mins [groups up to 12]
R57 397 / $3310 / €3315 Book here

Presenter Colleen Backstrom is Director of NeuroMarketing, Kaleidoscope, the leading online marketing company specialising in Applied NeuroMarketing for Email and Web. About Colleen here