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“The principles of NeuroMarketing have been with us for two decades”

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The principles of NeuroMarketing have been with us for two decades.  It is surprising therefore that I still encounter CEOs and BDMs as yet unaware of this powerful knowledge.  Understanding how the brain works and relating this to decision making – what makes them say yes? – at long last offers marketers a way out of the dilemma “half of my marketing is wasted, trouble is I don’t know which half”.

 “CEO’s and BDM’s not yet harnessing the power of NeuroMarketing are living in the 90s”

In this recent article Eben Harrell, Harvard Business Review puts it in a nutshell…    

Eben Harrell, January 2019

Neuromarketing: What You Need to Know

“Nobel Laureate Francis Crick called it the astonishing hypothesis: the idea that all human feelings, thoughts, and actions—even consciousness itself—are just the products of neural activity in the brain. For marketers the promise of this idea is that neurobiology can reduce the uncertainty and conjecture that traditionally hamper efforts to understand consumer behavior. The field of NeuroMarketing—sometimes known as consumer neuroscience—studies the brain to predict and potentially even manipulate consumer behavior and decision making. Until recently considered an extravagant “frontier science,” NeuroMarketing has been bolstered over the past five years by several groundbreaking studies that demonstrate its potential to create value for marketers….”

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