NeuroMarketing – The Science

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NeuroMarketing – The Science

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NeuroMarketing 101

For the first time in the history of advertising, marketers now have access to research studies that, finally, take the guesswork out of creative… read more>

neuromarketing studies
NeuroMarketing. Harvard says it all…

The principles of NeuroMarketing have been with us for two decades. It is surprising that I still encounter CEOs and BDMs as yet unaware of this knowledge… read more>

Should NeuroMarketing be banned?

NeuroMarketing is literally a look into how the brain makes decisions. So, in the hands of unethical or criminal marketers (think fake news), it has manipulative and unstoppable power…  read more>

How to write copy that sells

I am often asked, how do you write the copy that you do, how you do write good neuro copy?   Is there a formula?  read more>

NeuroMarketing Eyes, Brain, Business

The field of neuroeconomics has gained ground in the past 10 years, with work exploring the brain processes that underlie decision-making… read more>

NeuroMarketing & Decision Making

Understanding how the brain works and relating this to commercial decision making – at long last offers marketers a way out of the dilemma… read more>

Why is story telling so effective in sales?

As explained by Bryan Eisenberg, a professional marketing speaker, “Facts tell, but stories sell.” And yes, stories, myths and fables… read more>

neuromarketing sales
McKinsey: How B2B sales have been changed forever

It comes as no surprise that email marketing is globally fast-tracking the sales process. After all we (and our prospective clients)… read more>

How good is your LinkedIn profile picture?

Snappr’s Photo Analyzer uses the latest research, combined with image recognition and machine learning technologies, to determine how well your photo will perform… read more>

What BDMs must know about NeuroMarketing

NeuroMarketing reduces the guesswork when it comes to digital campaigns… read more>

Sales How to get more from less money

In recent years sales and marketing budgets have been cut to the barest minimum… read more>

Sunsilk neuro ad becomes a viral sensation

Sunsilk joins the long list of brands specialising in the art of neuro persuasion that, when done with emotional respect and insight, can drive home a strong message it…view video>

Neuromarketing: The new science of consumer decisions | Terry Wu | TEDxBlaine

Over the last 20 years, growing research from Neuroscience, Social Psychology and Behavioral Economics has been providing new insights on how the brain makes buying decisions… view video

How has Covid made us more open and more trusting?

Empathy and compassion gain traction in the way we go to market…  read more>

Stay updated on NeuroMarketing Events & Tips

Outsource your web and email marketing to us; we apply NeuroMarketing to your sales message to engage your client’s “buying” brain. And in an uncertain and emotional world - the perfect time and space in which to apply neuroscience - you now have the opportunity to make this year, your best year ever. 

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