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are you getting results like these?


WHY? You’re looking to fast-track your expertise and confidence in driving digital sales – upskilling, recognition, career growth – and global-best inspiration and motivation…


In a tsunami of overload, 80% of messaging remains unread.

So how can you mitigate this waste of time and effort?
Can you use neuro science to get noticed, to drive sales?
Is there a step-by-step process, a formula?

teach yourself neuromarketing visually
The Science Behind The “Buying Brain”

Finally, take the guesswork out of your digital marketing. A proven and scientific fix for getting to a sale.

This new science of persuasion from Harvard teaches us how the brain makes decisions – what gets us to open and read a sales message, the neuro triggers that get you noticed and drive conversions…

  a fast-track fix for your marketing – Get More Sales

  a scientific formula to the buyer’s “Buy Button”, for getting to a yes

  a formula so simple, so practical, so easy, it will make you laugh…

Upskill yourself with a trusted Certificate from Kaleidoscope, the global leader in online learning for NeuroMarketing. It’s a win-win.

FOR YOU: A feel-good career boost. Practical learning, strategies, design ideas and techniques to excel in digital sales.

FOR YOUR COMPANY: Stop the time waste, the money waste, the frustration of failed digital campaigns.

The only diy visual online course in NeuroMarketing…

5-step formula to get to the “Buy Button” in the brain

1. Get the fast-track formula; what are the secret triggers that drive people to buy, what makes them say yes.

2. 22 x global-best design ideas plus cheat sheet to get you started.

3. Learn the game-changing key principle which boosts digital persuasive power by 95% (no more hit-and-miss).

4. How to gain trust in new markets (without breaking the budget).

5. Use the 3 x top drivers of human behaviour – they’re powerful sales boosters.

6. Be inspired and motivated by before and after case studies.

7. Increase ‘yes’ clicks < 120%.

8. Two best colours to get more clicks.

9. Hot-spot tracking science explained: how to place your images and words to optimize viewer engagement. Managers, this simple formula is a total confidence boost and will allow you to know at-a-glance whether designs are best practice – even if you’re not creative.

10. Feel energised and inspired knowing that you’re on-trend with an Action Plan you can put into practice immediately.


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Speaker, Colleen Backstrom, from Cape Town is the guru in NeuroMarketing for email, web and social. Colleen speaks on global platforms and is an industry expert speaker at various business schools including the University of Stellenbosch (MBA program), Cape Town, and the Business School of the Netherlands, Buren. She is a member of the WPO (Women Presidents Organization), USA. More about Colleen here