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… if you’re still reading this you’ve just experienced the potent power of NeuroMarketing.

This new science of persuasion from Harvard and other leading business schools teaches us how the brain makes decisions – what gets us to open and read an email or web page, what are the neuro triggers that drive conversions, why do we say yes?

The power of this method is a game-changer: think Trump’s victory and Brexit – two world events driven by the principles of NeuroMarketing. In both cases emotional content was used to drive voter thinking. The criticism of the NeuroMarketing nature of both campaigns is that they were seen (by the opposition) as highly manipulative and lacking in integrity. This may be so, but the point is that in both cases, the factual campaigns based on standard marketing practices failed; and emotion won the day.

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So what is NeuroMarketing… and how can we use it in our everyday marketing?

Neuro Design

The big shift: Emotional Triggers

NeuroMarketing taps into our brain’s emotional centre which drives decision making. It’s the study of emotions and how the brain behaves when it makes a decision for or against an idea.

The big mind shift is that it’s no longer about benefits- benefits-benefits or even solutions-solutions-solutions as we learnt at marketing school.

So instead of asking “what must my sales message say?”; what pictures should we use?; we start with “what must my message feel like?” What are the overriding emotions of our prospective clients (the pain points, what’s-in-it-for-me?) that will lead to the use of my product or service?

The stronger that emotional trigger, the better the attention, memory and action.

FACT: Without seeing a better tomorrow our clients will not buy our products

Neuro Design
Emotion drives energy and hope. And hope starts where logic ends. So NeuroMarketing requires us to think deeply about what really matters to our clients. Take the time to do this before you design your next campaign. This thinking is fundamental to NeuroMarketing success because our clients will not buy our products or services unless they can envision a better future. They need to feel it, imaging it, see it. Show them this better tomorrow, and expect dramatic results.

Turn on the power of NeuroMarketing… Finding new clients no longer hit-and-miss

Email Marketing
What matters most for me is that NeuroMarketing is a scientific process and therefore highly predictive – no more guesswork. For the first time in my many years of marketing practice, NeuroDesign℠ gives me the confidence to guarantee my clients an ROI – or money back. In fact we won’t take on a client unless we can fulfill this promise.

So if you are not yet using NeuroMarketing to create and design your marketing, give yourself the gift of knowledge about this exciting new field. Put yourself on a learning curve and tap into the global research that is available to us as marketers… some of which you will find in our free resource library here

Colleen Backstrom

Director of NeuroMarketing, Kaleidoscope and a specialist in NeuroMarketing for email and web marketing. If you’d like to see some design ideas in your industry (no-obligation of course) schedule a Skype shared-screen overview and see what others are doing in this new neuro space, click here

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