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We came across this brilliant video with very in-depth knowledge as to why creating a web page or an email campaign, is not so simple anymore. There are very detailed reasons for why your online content is not working, for reasons that most certainly got our team thinking.

Here are our top 5 takeaways.

1.  When you open your webpage or email message, does the imagery or message evoke something in you? How does it make you feel something? If there is no automatic sense of emotion as a reaction, you will not receive the desired response. You, as a marketer, can influence what is seen resulting in a more controlled conclusion, giving you the desired results.

2.  We, as human beings, are always constantly making conclusions about everything we see. Our first reaction to anything is a judgment, whether we like to admit it or not. Once a conclusion / judgment is produced, within our minds a decision is made affecting our reaction, affecting our behavior. You have to ask yourselves, what conclusion / judgment does your message or imagery create, if one at all?

3.  Your most important objective within an online campaign should be to reduce customer anxiety. If a customer is unsure or confused by your offering, they would instinctively rather say no to eliminate their anxiety, than take the time to understand. First impressions are imperative here. If a customer immediately understands your offering, creating security, you win!

4.  Be confident in your words and approach. If you believe it, a customer will believe it. Insecurity is contagious. If you’re not convinced by your sales message, your customer will not be either. Use confident words, facts, statements that cannot be argued with or questioned.

5.  There was a trend going around some time ago where research showed that using a question in your marketing message evokes a need to be satisfied in a customer’s mind. The world has moved on. We no longer have the time to ask the questions, but rather give a straight forward solution. Ease your potential customer’s questions with an answer, not another question.

These are some of the few takeaways from this video. Well worth the 36 minutes!!


Colleen Backstrom

Colleen Backstrom is Director of NeuroMarketing, Kaleidoscope, a global leader in applied NeuroMarketing for Digital.  She specialises in creating B2B email and web campaigns and optimising Zoom/Teams selling by converting existing sales pitches to NeuroMarketing.

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