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The connecting (and viral) power of humour in advertising…

How do you make your advertising funny?

It comes as no surprise that a Nielsen study analysing the effectiveness of 4000 commercials, revealed that ads served with a slice of humour, create a better connection with customers.

Better (i) appeal, (ii) better recall, and (iii) better intention to buy. After all, we all like to laugh. And we like to make our friends laugh. And so we send on the funny ads to friends… and the brand goes viral.

However, whenever, I suggest to clients that we should consider an aspect of humour in a marketing campaign; I usually get “there’s nothing funny about my brand”.  Even the most serious brands can connect with humour, see Tampax, Durex and mouth wash and even post-its ads below.  And from a NeuroMarketing aspect “having fun” is one of the top 5 core drivers of human behaviour.

I have made a quick selection of my favourite (new and vintage) ads that make me laugh. If you have any favourites, please send them to me at : I am making a global collection.

Colleen Backstrom

Colleen Backstrom is Director of NeuroMarketing, Kaleidoscope, a global leader in applied NeuroMarketing for Digital.  She specialises in creating B2B email and web campaigns and optimising Zoom/Teams selling by converting existing sales pitches to NeuroMarketing.

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