NeuroMarketing for eMail Research Influences

“the development of the Kaleidoscope methodology”

NeuroMarketing for eMail:
Research Influences

Four bodies of research have influenced the development of the Kaleidoscope methodology.

1. Emotion drives the decision
One of the first research papers relating specifically to the use of neuroscience in marketing emerged in 2003 with the Harvard publication by Gerald Zaltman, How Customers Think. Zaltman’s research proved that not logic but emotion drives 95% of our decision making, underpinned by only 5% of logic. This paper turned the marketing world on its head. Whilst the benefits of the product and service are still important, the focus of marketing thinking should be on finding the emotional element that will best connect with the viewer. “It’s the feeling that counts”.

2. The stronger the emotion…
In 2007 Zaltman’s research was strengthened by another Harvard paper – How Emotions Fuel Good Decisions by Andrew O’Connell; the stronger the emotion the better the attention and memory.

3. The eyes have it
In 2013 Christine Looser revealed in her research, Eyes, Brain, Business, how the brain prioritises visual information. “Without fail, we look at faces before our eyes go anywhere else – even if the faces are inanimate”.

4. The power of the product persona
Looser’s research underpins the importance of using people, specifically faces, in marketing. This led to Kaleidoscope’s own research on using the power of a product persona in email
marketing and web designs. As the emotional area of the brain connects strongly with faces, it makes sense then to use pictures of people, specifically “eyes and smiles” to create screen stickiness
in email marketing and web campaigns. A portrait of a person, preferably female, looking out towards the viewer dramatically increases the emotional connection within the first 0-3 seconds.
Choosing the right persona which suits both product / service and viewer becomes fundamental to a best-practice email design.

Colleen Backstrom
Director NeuroMarketing, Kaleidoscope

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