NeuroMarketing for eMail Course Q&A

Online Masterclass: MBA content (90 min) neuromarketing course

Q.  How is your course different – there’s so much hype out there about NeuroMarketing?

A.  This Masterclass takes you beyond the theory; it’s 100% practical; applied NeuroMarketing in the real world. We are not academics; we are getting results daily for our corporate clients who outsource their digital to us; so you are learning from our applied experience and real-life case studies.

Q.  My major objective is to find new clients and make new sales.  Do you have proof that this works?

A.  Yes, see results

Q.  Which major corporates are already using this method?

A.  See our client list

Q.  I need to justify this cost. Will I get real design templates to use; ideas I can copy immediately and put into practice?

A.  Yes. See delegate feedback

Q.  If I register and make payment, but then realise that this won’t work for me, am I out of money?

A.  No, you get a full refund within 24 hours.

Q.  What if I just don’t like it after the 90 minutes?

A.  No problem, we don’t ask questions and you still get the refund.

Q.  I don’t want to hassle to get my money back.

A.  Again, no problem, the money-back guarantee is no questions asked.

Q. Even if I ask for a refund, can I keep and use the knowledge I  learned along the way?

A.  Yes, you will owe us nothing.

advertising agency cape townGet the learning; register at our next workshop date; what is there to lose? 

Course presenter: Colleen Backstrom,
Director of Kaleidoscope NeuroMarketing for eMail Marketing & Web Design.

Show me design examples of NeuroDesign please
Request to see case studies and design examples in your industry – we won’t take you on unless we can guarantee your results.


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