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Email Marketing
Email Marketing

1. Email marketing takes a giant leap forward

NeuroMarketing – the understanding of how emotions fuel decisions – dramatically changes the way we design our emails. This new science enables marketing managers – even if not creative – to see (at a glance) whether their emails will be effective or not. The results are dramatic.

2. The big breakthrough

What really matters is that the science behind this new methodology guarantees viewer engagement – finally taking the guesswork out of email campaign design.

3. The “buy now button” in our brain

eMail marketers acquaint themselves with the five stimuli that triggers the brain’s “buy now” response. (i) A what’s-in-it-for-me headline (ii) relevance to market segment (iii) a strong emotional pull – pain or gain (iv) story telling through a strong visual and (v) simple selling copy. If you would like to see design examples in your industry please click here.

4. Segmented lists

As inbox clutter continues to drive down opening rates, list segmentation becomes the number one best practice to get viewers to open, read and respond.

5. ROI becomes fundamental

With strong management pressure to prove sales, it has never been easier for email marketers to measure ROI. Viewtrack reports show who opened and when, and most importantly, who opened multiple times. These emails are fed directly to the sales team to close the sale. If you would like to see an example of a viewtrack, please click here.

Colleen Backstrom
Director of Kaleidoscope NeuroMarketing
Email Marketing

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