Top 3 issues for email marketing executives

“What is your biggest issue with your email marketing?”

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In our ongoing survey of SA’s top marketing executives, we are asking them one question. What is your biggest issue with your email marketing? Here are the results to date:

48% email databases

“He who controls the database controls the market” is a fundamental principle of emarketing success. Every year we lose one-third of our lists; jobs change, people move on. A big shift this year is the segmenting of lists – (better ability for content relevance), and a growing understanding among executives for a need for a separate strategy for list growing and maintaining – a job with a KPI measurement. Put that in place in your company and see the difference it makes to your sales.

26% ROI measuring

Viewtrack reports now make it possible for email marketers to see (i) who is looking, and most importantly, (ii) who is looking multiple times at your emails. More than 6 views (track this on your viewtrack within 24 hours) indicates its time to close the sale with a people-connect. The viewtrack report feeds directly into your sales funnel, allowing you to be fabulously efficient in closing sales to clients who are already primed and knowledgeable about your product or service. Request an example of a viewtrack report here.

26% bounces rates

A high bounce rate harms your email status and limits your ability to send. Could be simply that the inbox is full (soft bounce) or an invalid email address (sloppy list management) through to the more serious ISP blacklisting and blocking (poor email practice). We don’t yet have all the answers but we are looking at technical possibilities for solutions – we’ll keep you informed. In the meantime – we won’t say this again – remove all invalid addresses, and keep those databases clean!

GDPR and POPIA: how will this affect email marketers? 

The biggest concern for digital marketers is whether they need consent. With the media hype around GDPR and POPIA lately three points stand out for me:

1. eMail marketing falls within a grey area.

2. Consent is not the only way.  In the EU, digital marketers make use of the ‘legitimate interest’ argument where the impact on consumers’ privacy is measured up against the relevancy of the email in the “interests of the business”.

3. If challenged, the sending company needs to demonstrate that its use of data is compliant. This means that they have to be able to *record when, why and how the information was collected…

*Note from Colleen. For our own data harvesting at Kaleidoscope we do this very simply: When we harvest a name, we record next to the name the public domain source: e.g. google, news article, magazine, pdf, telephone number for the company and the name etc; and include the date.

Other issues highlighted in our survey

(i) Meaningful reporting; “report too complicated, can’t understand the metrics”. (ii) Team is inexperienced, “we’re understaffed, and top talent is expensive”, long time for design delivery. (iii) Lack of people and resources to properly analyse (and act on) the business case in the numbers. “I just do more mailings because it’s one of my KPI’s and we don’t stop to think to make it better”. Note: 10% in our survey had “no issues”.

Colleen Backstrom

Director of Kaleidoscope Advertising Agency


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