Email Marketing – The Perfect eMail design checklist

“I’m often asked to help with a “perfect” email template”

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The Perfect eMail design checklist

I’m often asked to help with a “perfect” email template. Although every job and design is different here is a simple checklist that we use when we put a job into the Kaleidoscope studio.

1. Start your email campaign with the subject line.

Ask What’s-in-it-for-me? on behalf of the viewer.

2. Find a sticky-relevant picture.

The right picture increases understanding of your concept by up to 120%!

3. Repeat the subject line in the header of the email.

Place at the top left-hand side of the email, or immediately under the sticky picture. NB Remember, your headline should be a simple, one-thought message of engagement. No more.

4. Write 1-3 short paragraphs of support wording, and place below the screen fold line.

5. Always have a call to action button above the fold.

Tell the viewer exactly what you want to happen next. Note: colour of button – people are clicking on yellow buttons.

6. Stay legal

e.g. “This e-mail is sent to you courtesy of the xxx company, If you have received this in error, we apologise. Please unsubscribe.”
(Note it should be a working unsubscribe link).

7. AND of course: mail to the right database.

Good luck!

Colleen Backstrom

Director of Kaleidoscope NeuroMarketing for Email Marketing & Website Design

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