Email Marketing – The Perfect eMail design checklist

“I’m often asked to help with a “perfect” email template”

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Neuro Design

The Perfect eMail design checklist

I’m often asked to help with a “perfect” email template. Although every job and design is different here is a simple checklist that we use when we put a job into the Kaleidoscope studio.

1. Start your campaign with the subject line. Ask What’s-in-it-for-me? on behalf of the viewer.

2. Find a sticky-relevant picture. Note: The right picture increases understanding of your concept by up to 120%!

3. Repeat the subject line in the header of the email. Place at the top left-hand side of the email, or immediately under the sticky picture. NB Remember, your headline should be a simple, one-thought message of engagement. No more.

4. Write 1-3 short paragraphs of support wording, and place below the screen fold line.

5. Call to action with an enquiry link above the fold. Tell the viewer exactly what you want to happen next. Note: colour of button – people are clicking on yellow buttons.

6. Stay legal: e.g. “This e-mail is sent to you courtesy of the xxx company, If you have received this in error, we apologise. Please unsubscribe.”
(Note it should be a working unsubscribe link).

7. AND of course: mail to the right, segmented database. Good luck!

Colleen Backstrom
Director of Kaleidoscope NeuroMarketing
Email Marketing

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