Recovery thinking:
Sales in a post pandemic world

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After the first few overwhelming months of a post-pandemic world, corporates are showing signs and stirrings towards recovery thinking…

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Those companies who have managed the scramble to work offsite, have done the paring down of every single cost, have put in place deferred payments, adjusted to a new-normal, those are the clients who are now ready. Ready to think. Ready to entertain new ideas and suppliers. Simply ready for some action. So, could that action be an engagement with your business, with your brand story?

For BDMs who are now starting to think What now, what next? here for you to download is an excellent presentation by the M&C Saatchi Group, South Africa; some really good insights and nuggets. I have found it really useful for my change thinking.

Colleen Backstrom

Colleen Backstrom is Director of NeuroMarketing, Kaleidoscope, a global leader in applied NeuroMarketing for Digital.  She specialises in creating B2B email and web campaigns and optimising Zoom/Teams selling by converting existing sales pitches to NeuroMarketing.

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Outsource your web and email marketing to us; we apply NeuroMarketing to your sales message to engage your client’s “buying” brain. And in an uncertain and emotional world - the perfect time and space in which to apply neuroscience - you now have the opportunity to make this year, your best year ever. 

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“One small POSITIVE THOUGHT in the morning, can change the entire outcome of your day.”