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“An Intentional Way to Close Out the Old Year
&  Start the New Yearn”

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If you’ve not yet read Leo Babauta’s* excellent Zen Habits Newsletter here is a summary:

Leo recommends a process of taking stock, thinking about where we’ve been, and to use that experience to grow. It’s a process of looking forward, mindfully reviewing the highs and lows of the previous year, so that we do not hold onto that which is no longer serving us and instead seek out new things that serve us better. And then creating a plan to be intentional about how we spend the next year of our lives. Take time out for 30 minutes: you might be surprised to see what your intuitive and instant answers reveal.

1. Review

This is a reflection of the highs and lows of the year

1.  What caused me pain last year?
2.  Where did I drop the ball?
3.  Where could I grow?
4.  What did I want to achieve, but didn’t?
5.  What gave me great joy?
6.  What were my best business achievements; what makes me proud?

2. Let go

This is about releasing baggage and struggles:

1.  What would I like to leave behind?
2.  What am I holding on to that no longer serves me?

3. Set Intentions

This is a Big Picture look at the coming year, setting some general intentions and holding them without attachment or stress:

1.  What would excite me?
2.  What would I like to create?
3.  Who would I like to be?
4.  What loving and purposeful intentions would I like to get going this year?

4. Create Plan

Intentions written down tend to be manifested:

Create a plan – not very detailed, just a structure so that you can flexibly move into your intentions, so that you can remember them, so that you can keep checking back in with them.  So that you can focus…

Wishing you all the Incredible Lightness of Being in this new year:  May it be good in every way.

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