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How to get more sales from less money

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It’s never been more important to understand the Buying Brain. And it’s never been more important to do more with less money. NeuroMarketing ticks both boxes.

Stop wasting your top sales talent on cold calling

Top sales people are hard to find. And expensive. So why is it that corporates are still using their top sales talent to cold call? It’s wasteful and demeaning. You want your best people to engage with your best prospects, to close the deals, not to cold call. But what’s the alternative? Where do you get these leads for your best sales talent to close?

Let your emails do the cold calling

eMail works. It taps into the “weird and wonderful love affair we have with our inboxes”. And it’s the most economical way of getting to the most intimate space in our work lives: our inbox.

•   BUT, there’s a problem.

The standard email doesn’t work anymore. Our inboxes are noisy and cluttered. Bounce rates soar; emails are not read – opening rates are down to 18%, down from 20% last year. Marketers are under constant pressure to prove email ROI. So how can we overcome this challenge? How can we make more sales from less money this year?

What’s needed is a laser sharp direct route into your client’s inbox and ultimately into your client’s brain.

NeuroMarketing, the new science of persuasion

What is NeuroMarketing? Understanding how the brain works and relating this to commercial decision making, is now given serious attention by the world’s leading brands. NeuroMarketing is the study of choice and how our emotions drive those choices. The science takes a fresh new look at the drivers of digital success. What makes them say YES?

Why is NeuroMarketing so effective?

Why is it the number one process that the world’s biggest brands are now studying and following?

For the first time in the history of advertising, marketers now have access to research studies that, finally, take the guesswork out of creative campaigns. Knowledge of this brain scanning science dramatically changes the way we design our email and web campaigns, which in turn leads to dramatic results in viewer open, read and response rates.

In the past 5 years scores of brain scanning tests have been done around the world; a google search shows more than 3 million results for NeuroMarketing. These research studies are invaluable in teaching us what makes clients choose one product or service above another; which words should we use, which colours, which design styles; how should these words and pictures be displayed – the exact components of a neuro website; a neuro email.

So how can you fast track this knowledge and apply the science to your everyday ecampaigns?

How to get NeuroMarketing for your sales process

We’ve taken the combined results and teachings from the world’s research studies and put them together into an applied NeuroMarketing process which we can now provide to our clients.

Kaleidoscope offers a full-on outsourced package for companies wishing to engage new and existing markets in this proven and cost effective way. Using the principles of NeuroMarketing we rethink your sales process and create a
6-part email and web campaign that contains all the elements of why buyers choose one product or service over another – how the brain behaves when choosing your product over your competitors. For the fraction of what it costs to hire a digital expert we provide a complete package for your marketing this year.

Our process is simple. And it’s massively cost effective on budget and massively time saving for your top sales talent.

It works like this.

Step 1 – Overview

We do a Zoom overview and show you design examples and results of successful campaigns in your industry. Together we choose the design style that would suit you best.

Step 2 – One year campaign.

We create 6 best practice neuro ecards [NeuroMarketing emails] which we send out to your database; two mailings per month. Repeated in the 2nd half of the year.

Step 3 – Viewtrack

We provide a view track report after each mailing. A view track is a report that lists your most important prospects. A tracking link and our tech software picks up who is looking at your emails. So, you don’t need to wait till someone contacts you; you can be proactive by calling the top prospects on your view track list. NeuroScience studies teach us that your most important prospects are those who have opened more than 6 times; after 6 opens your prospect is ready for a sales person, ready for a conversion.

Step 4 – Conversion

Your sales team than contacts only those who have opened 6 times or more. This is massively time saving and enables them to dramatically increase their conversion rates.

No more hit and miss, no more cold calling, no more time wasting, no more money wasting. A simple and results-proven system which follows a world best practice process. Applied NeuroMarketing for eMail and Web.

Evaluate for yourself. If you’d like to see some design ideas in your industry (no-obligation of course) schedule a Skype shared-screen overview and see what others are doing in this new neuro space – and what results they are getting.

Colleen Backstrom

Colleen Backstrom is Director of NeuroMarketing, Kaleidoscope, a global leader in applied NeuroMarketing for Digital.  She specialises in creating B2B email and web campaigns and optimising Zoom/Teams selling by converting existing sales pitches to NeuroMarketing.

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Outsource your web and email marketing to us; we apply NeuroMarketing to your sales message to engage your client’s “buying” brain. And in an uncertain and emotional world - the perfect time and space in which to apply neuroscience - you now have the opportunity to make this year, your best year ever. 

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